Metal Treatment

AMCOR - RR - (Rust remover)
AMCOR-RR is a ferrous degreasing, de-rusting and phosphatising agent. It is applied on rusted steel surfaces to remove rust and phosphatise it.
Metal Treatment - Degreasing, derusting phosphatising agent for ferrous metals.
Application technique
AMCOR-RR is to be applied with brush or by dipping of rusted articles in a bath containing AMCOR RR. After 30 minutes clean the surface with brush and if required apply a protective coat of AMCOR-PR, a primer-cum-protective coating material based on Zinc and epoxy polymer.
Each kg of can give coverage of 15 sq mt when applied by brush. In case of dip coating, the coverage will be about 10 sq mt of steel surface area.
Packing 1,5 and 20 kg HDPE containers.
Shelf Life AMCOR - RR can be stored in packed and sealed condition up to one year. Once mixed with water, it should be consumed within 72 hours.
Safety Precaution Health hazard: AMCOR – RR is acidic in nature. It is recommended to take necessary precaution, which one would take while handling acids. Use rubber hand gloves, splash goggles etc. Direct contact with any part of the body, especially with eyes must be avoided. In case of contact or splash into eyes, wash with water immediately and consult a physician.