Crack Fillers


RESIKON– RCS (Crack filling compound)
RESIKON CRACK SEAL POWDER (RCS) is composed of cement, properly graded fillers, additives and special polymers which gets activated when contact with water. It is ideal for filling and sealing cracks more than 5mm wide and can also be used as a coating for waterproofing treatments.
Features / benefits
  • Easy to use – It is DO- IT-YOURSELF product and require only addition of water onsite.
  • Can be used for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.
  • Good water resistance properties and weathering durability.
  • Toxity – It is Non-toxic.
  • Eco friendly – Non-hazardous and non-flammable.
  • Water permeability - Excellent resistance to ingress of water.
Direction for Use
  • Surface preparation: Clean the surface / cracks thoroughly by removing loose particles, dust, oil, grease etc. using wire brush. Follow it up with compressed air cleaning.
  • Prepare a putty / paste by slowly adding water in RESIKON CRACK SEAL POWDER (RCS) in the ratio of RCS: Water as 1:0.3. (i.e.1Kg of RESIKON RCS with 300ml of water) Water quantity could be adjusted based on the nature of work and objectives. For efficient waterproofing less water is recommended.
  • Apply the putty / paste with a spatula or trowel on the cracks and attain an overall uniform surface.
  • Filling / sealing cracks in concrete roofs, basements, basement wall, parking decks and podiums.
  • Waterproofing coating (bottom coat) for tiles and other natural stones.
  • Internal as well as external damp wall treatments and also for ceilings.
Packing 1 kg & 25 kg. Bag.
Material can be stored for 12 months in sealed bag away from moisture, heat and sunlight.
Safety Precaution
HEALTH HAZARDS: RESIKON CRACK SEAL (RCS) is nontoxic in nature and harmful if swallowed. Avoid skin contact. Use protective clothing, hand gloves, goggles etc. while handling. In case of contact, splash on eyes, wash with plenty of water and consult a physician.
Fire Hazard It is water based and hence non-flammable.