A wet, leaky basement, balcony, bathroom or any other area of your home can be so frustrating. Even if you have a small crack in a corner, it could trigger a massive damage to your freestanding shelving, wooden frames, and other things. As a result, you cannot avoid waterproofing in this day and age.

Resikon provides excellent products for this kind of work. We have solutions for small and big cracks and they have what it takes to eliminate the damage in an instant. If the root cause of the problem is found, we can be called upon to provide the right treatment.

We have a top quality sealer that you will find helpful in your repair job. Whether you have a problem with a dead wall or another cemented area, feel free to call anytime.

We can tell you exactly what you should do to eliminate the problem. Our concrete repair and maintenance products are highly reliable and cost-effective.

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