RESIKON SP- 130 - (Water reducer)

RESIKON ANCHORPLAST is a single pack polymeric emulsion which provides excellent bonding between new plaster and old concrete structure.


Super Plasticiser For light colour tiles blocks

Application Techniques
The surface should be cleaned thoroughly with a water jet so as to remove dirt, loose particles etc. On the entire clean moist surface apply a coat of RESIKON ANCHORPLAST directly by spray or ordinary cement brush. It should be checked and ensured that the surface is tacky prior to dash coat application. On the tacky surface, apply a chat/dash-coat of cement mortar or place the concrete within 10-20 minutes. Depending on environmental conditions degree of saturation of surface etc the tacky period may vary. Plaster the surface or place the concrete in the usual manner after setting of the chat/dash coat.
Packing -
10 m2 per kg on a fairly smooth surface when applied by spray
Safety Precaution

1 year from the date of manufacture when stored in a cool, dry place in unopened condition.Stir/shake well before use.Tightly close the container after use. Check seal before opening.