RESIKON PLASTERAID - (Admixture for Plastering)

RESIKON PLASTERAID is a specially formulated product for use as an admixture in
the cement mortars used for external plastering, brick laying etc


RESIKON PLASTERAID Minimizes the formation of shrinkage cracks when used in the richer cement mortar.

Application Techniques

Do no add RESIKON PLASTERPAID directly to the cement.
Add RESIKON PLASTERPAID to the gauging water and then mix with cement –
aggregate mixture.

Twelve months when stored in sealed containers in a dry place.

Packing 5,20,100 & 200 kg in HDPE/ MS containers,
10 m2 per kg on a fairly smooth surface when applied by spray
Safety Precaution

Health hazard : RESIKON PLASTERAID is harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with
skin as it may cause staining. Use protective clothing, hand gloves, safety goggles etc.,
while handling this material. In case of skin contact or splash in eye, wash with copious
amount of water and consult a physician.