Are you searching for the best plasticizer? If so, come to resikon and pick our SP-110 product. This is one of our best plasticizers and it is in the form of sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensate Polymer. The item is specifically designed to maintain just the right level of water in cement mortar and concrete. As well, it provides immense strength both at the beginning and end of the process.

This product is an ideal water reducer and it is perfect for cement with low water-cement ratio with similar workability. It reduces segregation of cement by scattering its particles. Once this ratio is reduced, a more bulky and compact concretion with low permeability results. Hence, our SP-110 produces very durable concrete. It has certain properties you would adore. For instance, it is a brown liquid that is compatible with all sorts of cement and our admixture selections.

It also has chloride content that meets IS standard, it’s non-toxic and provides great workability to any kind of concrete. If you want more help understanding this item, give us a call or write us an email.

RESIKON SP- 110 (Superplasiticiser)
RESIKON SP-110 is based on sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensate polymer specially formulated to provide desired water reduction with improved workability in cement mortar and concrete. It also gives early strength and improved final strength to the concrete.

Water reducer and super plasticizer

Concrete with low water-cement ratio with same workability.

Application Techniques
Addition of RESIKON SP-110 disperses cement particles thus minimises the segregation and making the concrete more flow able. Reduces water cement ratio resulting in more dense / compact concrete and low permeability. Produces concrete with increased durability.


Typical Properties


Brown liquid
Specific gravity at 30 deg C
1.20 – 1.23

Compatible with all types of cements and
other RESIKON admixtures.

Chloride content
As per IS Standard
Workability Provides excellent workability to concrete
Packing 20, 50,100 and 200 kg HDPE / MS containers
RESIKON SP–110 can be used in the range 0f 100 – 500 ml per bag of cement of 50 kg depending upon thedesired workability. Its addition should be done along with the final water addition. It is recommended to have site trials in the prevailing atmospheric conditions to determine the optimum dosage. Over dosage would increase the workability at the expense of reduced setting time, however, final concrete strength would not change.
Safety Precaution
Health hazard : Though RESIKON SP-110 is non-toxic, it is recommended to take necessary precautions which one would take while handling any chemical. Direct contact with eyes should be avoided. If it splashes into eyes, it should be immediately washed out with water. If needed consult a physician.