RESIKON SP-100 (Cost effective Superplasticiser)
RESIKON SP-100 RESIKON SP-100 has been designed as an excellent cost effective superplasticiser based on sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensate. It improves workability and reduces water requirement in concrete and mortar .RESIKON SP-100 easily mixes in water and effectively disperses cement particles exposing large surface area of cement. It improves workability and strength is attained with less cement.
Usage Super plasticizer
Concrete with low water- cement ratio with some workability.
Application Techniques
Producing concrete with reduced water cement ratio and increased workability.
Addition of RESIKON SP-100 disperses cement particles thus minimises the
segregation and makes concrete more flowable. Produces compact, less
permeable and durable concrete.


Typical Properties


Brown liquid
pH 9 -11
Sp gravity


Compatible with all types of cement and other RESIKON admixtures
Workability Provides excellent workability to concrete
Chloride content
As per IS Standards
Packing 25, 200 kg in HDPE /STEEL container
RESIKON SP–100 can be used in range of 200-500 ml per bag of cement,
depending upon the workability requirement. Its addition should done along with
gauging water. It is recommended to have site trials in prevailing conditions to
determine optimum dosage.
Safety Precaution
Health hazard: RESIKON SP-100 is nontoxic however, it is recommended that
necessary precautions required to handle any chemical should be taken. Direct
contact with eyes should be avoided. In cases of splashes into eyes it should be
immediately washed out with water. If needed consult a physician.